About Pure Souls

Pure Souls Learning Foundation is a non-Governmental organisation which was conceived in the year 2007 to assist indigent families with children affected by Autism in Nigeria in collaboration with Patrick and Languages Centre.

Aims / Objectives

  1. To provide support and care for Autistic children.
  2. To create awareness on autistic disorders and its management.
  3. To organise seminars and forum on autistic disorders, care and management.
  4. To provide scholarships for indigent autistic children.


A Centre where individuals living with Autism and other related developmental disorders are given opportunities by identifying their needs and supporting their individual strengths using evidence-based methods in achieving their full potentials.


  1. To provide specialized educational services for individuals living with Autism within and outside Nigeria.

  2.  To integrate child(ren) into mainstream schools and society to become self-confident learners.

  3. To create awareness and support indigent families with children living with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

  4.  To create a world class centre for individual living with Autism in Africa.

  5. To be a training hub for Special Education in Nigeria